Re-use Inspirations From Our Customers

Help our wonderful shopper figure out what she can do with this tub she bought. Any ideas? Re-use inspirations? 


Our Facebook fans have weighed in with these suggestions. Now its your turn to share your idea. 

1. Perfect in time for spring, make it into a flower bed

2. An ice chest while having a party

3. Wood near the fireplace, magazines and books in it

4. Bird bath

5. Small fish pond in the backyard 

6. A herb garden

7. Make some music! Turn it into a washtub bass.

8. Duck or Turtle pond

9. Dog bath

10. Bench seat and storage

11. Water fountain

12.Repaint it with water proof paint - put a cushion in and make it a pet bed! Stencil your beloved pet's name on the front

For more ideas and re-use inspirations come to our next event and connect with us on Facebook 



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