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Haunted Memories Changing Portraits

Inspired by the spooky changing paintings in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction, artist Edward Allen took the concept one step further by creating his own spooky changing portraits based on real antique photographs. Mr. Allen's macabre artwork is photo-realistic and nearly all of his characters feature multi-stage transitions, which makes them extra spine-chillling. If you're looking for the best spooky changing portraits on the market, you've found them at "Haunted Memories!"


Little Ophelia - Vampire Child Changing Portrait ~ Halloween Art:

Get Spooked at the Long Beach Flea Market, Sunday Oct 18 and come see the Original Line of Spooky Changing Portraits. Click to view the whole collection at Haunted Memories 

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Free Pass Winners - SundaySept20


A big congratulations to our Instagram Winners and Our Monthly Facebook Contest Winners!  
Here are the randomly selected winners

Facebook Winners

  1. Roxanna Rendon Agin
  2. Brenda Dunkelman
  3. Perry Larmer
  4. Sharonbridget Sybil
  5. Sharlee Albitz
  6. Sandi Stolle
  7. Honey Roth
  8. Elizabeth Yunuem Jackson
  9. Randy Hugh Williams
  10. Carol Adams

Instagram Winners

  1. @EliseHughes Elise Hughes
  2. @cocoralston Courtney Ralston
  3. @Sheajulie Shea Julie
  4. @carina_lara Carina Lara
  5. @meyer1013 @sarah Meyer
  6. @honeydewx Marlaine Leona
  7. @morrisonfotlife Jamie Morrison
  8. @theaventureux Meghan Alfano
  9. @cturlo Chsstine Turlo
  10. @moustache19 John Veltri

Dresser contest Winners:

Michelle M @oh_its_meeesh
Shirley Lovato

*Winners please collect your  free passes at the front entrance gate. Please bring a photo id since the pass has your name on it.


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LockJaw Garage

Artistic craftsmanship with a twist..

LockJawGarage specializes in the creation of  assemblage art / lamps, tailgate benches,
and custom furniture . Meet Jim creator of these unique pieces and owner of LockJaw Garage. 

Check out some of the awesome inventory of Jim's most popular creations that will be featured at the Long Beach Antique Market Sunday Sept 20. 

Every piece is one of a kind and Jim never makes another one exactly like it!




Retro Coke Napkin Dispenser Lamp

A video posted by Lockjaw Garage (@lockjawgarage) on


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