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Rewind - A Look at The Last Show


Rewind Slideshow

Cheap, chic, unique & vintage!!!  Bargains and more! The Sunday JAN 17 event featured hundreds of sellers of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, estate and fine jewelry and vintage finds from all over the country and many parts of the world. Thank you to all our customers and sellers for making this a great showTo see when our next event is click here.





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Free Pass Winners - Sunday Jan17

Hey Everyone, Bargain Hunting at the Long Beach Flea happens Sunday, Jan 17. Congratulations Free Pass Winners!

Here are the randomly selected winners

Annual Pass Winner

Christina Anders 

Facebook winners

  1. Janine Ann Martinez

  2. Brett Goodrich

  3. Sandee Johnston Lopez

  4. Diana Hibden

  5. Kathy Rudd Spaulding

  6. Monica Tirado-Vera

  7. Louis Coffelt

  8. Sheila Cullen

  9. Janet Speaks

  10. Siri L. Hirth

Instagram Winners
  1. Rae McKenzie @heyitsmckenzie
  2. Severn Allison @allison.severn
  3. Mendez Brittany @_greeneyedsavage
  4. Skraba Kira @kiraskaraba
  5. Ahley Lauren @lolo_wink
  6. Woods Helen @helen_woods46
  7. Williams Candice @candicerwilliams
  8. Kosinski Samantha @samiijo
  9. Freemer Aimee @afreemer30
  10. Schoen Sasha @sawshaw


  *Winners please collect your  free passes at the front entrance gate. Please bring a photo id since the pass has your name on it.

Free Parking

More Parking at the New Parking Structure Close to Back Entrance. 
-Enter on Lew Davis St. or Clark Ave.
-More Parking in adjacent lot J off Clark Ave

Check the Map here:


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Get the Modern Vintage Look

Featured Seller of The Month


Get the modern vintage look from our featured seller of the month Gilda Slater from Mod_Studio. Gilda  buys, sells and collects mid-century furnishings, housewares, vintage garden and outdoor living decor. She loves to rescue and restore forgotten treasures from the past and give them new life! From Eames to Eichler, connect with Gilda and she will help you channel the MOD look for any environment. Stop by her space in the white, middle section to score some mid-century collectibles and to get some fresh design ideas with a retro twist.

Connect with Gilda on Instagram to see what she will be bringing to the Long Beach Flea Sunday Jan 17. 

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Dealer of The Month

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