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Rewind - A Look at The Last Show


Rewind Slideshow

Cheap, chic, unique & vintage!!!  Bargains and more! The event,  Sunday July 20 featured hundreds of sellers of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, estate and fine jewelry and vintage finds from all over the country and many parts of the world. Thank you to all our customers and sellers for making this a great showTo see when our next event is click here.





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Free Pass Winners - Sunday July 20

Summer Sale at the Long Beach Flea -  Sunday, July 20. Congratulations to the free pass winners!

Facebook Winners

  • Diego Lagunas 
  • Holly Barbee-Martin 
  • Maria Vasquez 
  • Cindy L. Moore
  • Janet Venable 
  • Yese Silva
  • Ruth Novoa
  • Staci Clark Kirk
  • Brittaney Smith
  • Mark Hammond
  • Cherene Brang Prenger

Instagram Winners

  1. Vianey J Garay  @Vianeyjgaray27
  2. Leon Trinh @trinleon
  3. Karen Sar @karenxbears
  4. Sandy Marie Meina @sandman_medina
  5. Emily Ruppe @ruppebot
  6. Kelsey Brennan @kelseyebrennan
  7. Monet Hopkins @ellomoni
  8. Jaime Webster @thejaimewebster
  9. Daisy Leiva @daisyleiva
  10. Christian Schrader @christianpaul

*Winners please collect your  free passes at the front entrance gate. Please bring a photo id since the pass has your name on it.



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Paper Jar

Our featured seller of the month is Julie Palma of Paper Jar. She considers herself a constant finder - sometimes keeper- hopeful repurposer- coffee chugger - happy mother (X2). Here is a short interview and a sneak preview of the types of cool pieces she will be bringing to the Long Beach Flea Market - Sunday July 20th. 

How did you get started with Paper Jar?

As a kid I was dragged along to antique shops and auctions and lived in a house in New England filled with treasures. Purchasing my very own antique bench at age18 foretold the future for me.  I adore and appreciate old things...lovely old things... weathered, authentic, textural, unique, old things.  Paper Jar allows me to search for and rescue those lovely old things and showcase their beauty the best way I can.  

What do you like about selling at the Long Beach Antique Market?

Selling from an Etsy store had its limitations. The Long Beach Antique Market  was the solution ... last year I decided to "Go Big or Go Home". One day I stumbled upon a gorgeous 6 ft. farm table.  Not something I could easily ship but not something I could walk away from either.  I knew I didn’t have a place for it in my home....I bought it anyway.  I then realized how many beautiful vintage pieces I had passed on over the years just because of their size or weight.  Never again!  My (very supportive) husband and I brought the table to the Long Beach Flea Market and I styled it with some favorites: ironstone, white California pottery, painted boxes, an old red and white bicycle seat, weathered buckets and extra large candlesticks.  The customers were so enthusiastic and appreciative....I loved every minute of it!

What makes Paper jar unique to it's customers?

 I fill Paper Jar with items that have great color, shape, texture, patina, scale or sheer uniqueness.   I try to go with my instincts and not pay attention to whether I think it will sell or not.  I’m definitely still learning the business but now know that listening to my heart seems to work pretty well. 



Paper Jar will be selling in the white (center) section Sunday, July 20th.  Connect with them at their Etsy store or on Instagram .

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Dealer of The Month

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Free Verbal Appraisal at the Special Sale -Sunday, June 29

Want  to know what Grandma's vase or your favorite painting is worth?  Bring in any item and discover its value - You may be Very Surprised!  At the SPECIAL SALE, SUNDAY, JUNE 29 we are offering a Free Verbal Appraisal for any one item per paid customer.  Appraisers Greg and Carole Molchany will be in space G228. See you there!

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