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Rewind - A Look at The Last Show


Rewind Slideshow

Cheap, chic, unique & vintage!!!  Bargains and more! The event,  Sunday OCT 19 featured hundreds of sellers of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, estate and fine jewelry and vintage finds from all over the country and many parts of the world. Thank you to all our customers and sellers for making this a great showTo see when our next event is click here.





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Free Pass Winners - Sunday Oct 19

Bargain hunting at the Long Beach Flea -  Sunday, Oct 19. Congratulations to the free pass winners!

Facebook Winners

  1. Amy Koppi
  2. Pam Counts Stephens
  3. Malchiel Pacieco
  4. Debora Hernandez
  5. Tina Hoffman
  6. Pat Bain
  7. David Marsh
  8. Jodi Autumn Gowan
  9. Gina Vaca
  10. Maria Godinez

Instagram Winners

  1. Larissa Jaks @larry_queen_live
  2. Chelsea Garmmshausen @chelseagarmsy
  3. autumn Rodrigues @missautumnmarie
  4. Jessica Shelter @jessicashelter
  5. Jose Aguilar @bomblifeie
  6. Kate Coogan @katemcoogan
  7. Emilya Ventriglia @peadocracy
  8. Shannon Nicole  @shannicole
  9. Leah Archaga @leahchags
  10. Emily Morrill @tapdancingcat

*Winners please collect your  free passes at the front entrance gate. Please bring a photo id since the pass has your name on it.



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Kitty James Collection

Mary Albright owner of Kitty James Collection brings you vintage and restyled clothing, handmade accessories (inspired by styles of the past), home decor, antiques and unique artwork. The Collection is a mobile shopping experience designed to inspire creativity and an appreciation for all things beautiful from days gone by. Here is a short interview and a sneak preview of the cool pieces Mary will be bringing to the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday October 19th. 

What is the inspiration behind Kitty James Collection? 

I took my first sewing class at the early age of seven and from that point on developed my sewing skills on my own. Sewing has been the source of magic and inspiration in my life and connects in many ways to all things I am passionate about. In 1990 I designed a slipcover for a friend which inspired me to start a custom, soft furnishings business. And now this, the Kitty James Collection, a vintage, restyled clothing and handmade accessories business.

How did you decide to sell at the Long beach Flea Market? 

My husband and I have been fans of the Long Beach flea Market for years.  Before we became vendors, we were shoppers and would look forward to coming every 3rd Sunday because we loved the people, the bargains and the energy of the marketplace.  We have been selling for almost 2 years now, out of our re-invented 1974 Step Van. 

What can our customers expect to find? 
 What they will find is a mix of vintage, restyled and handmade (by us) clothing and accessories. Add in a few home decor and furniture items and you have The Collection! What's great is that everything is recycled in some way, hopefully inspiring others to see the beauty in "worn again" wonders. 

Mary will be bringing her fabulous collection to the Long Beach Antique Market, Sunday October 19th.  Look for the "hard to miss" Kitty James Truck in the blue section.  Connect on with them on Facebook, and Twitter. 

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Dealer of The Month

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