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Free Pass Winners - Sunday

Hey Everyone, Bargain Hunting at the Long Beach Flea happens Sunday, June 19.  Congratulations Free Pass Winners!

Here are the randomly selected Winners

Facebook Winners

  1. Boardman Jaime
  2. Flores Abel
  3. Franco,  Jackie
  4. Gonzales Mellisa
  5. Miller Christine
  6. Merritt Maryann
  7. Nottingham Judith
  8. Prado Roy James
  9. Presley Chach
  10. Wills Christy

Instagram Winners

25 winners

Adem Kamilia @_kamilia_
Bailey Kristie @kristie_bailey
Beals Susan @hiddenvalleysusan
Cano Ozzie @ozzie_cano
Castillo Alona @alona_castillo
Chilton Lori @mamachili
Cordova, Haley @cordovagirl11
Duarte, Shawn @bigshawn1985
Garcia Armando @mister_gmc
Krusey Jess @jesskrusey
Lamonio Joshua @carljoshualamonio
Marie, Casey @caseymarieincalifornia
Marquez , Amberlee @amqueenb
Mc Graw Hallie @mrshalliemcgraw
Ornelas Nicole @nicoleornelas
Perez Maria @mamavodoo
Rocha , Karen @karen_shootingstar89
Soh Kaypee @kaypeesoh
Steele Jen @zinspired
Wall , Dana @danawall
Nieto, Nancy @luvvy7
Peterson, Kristi @delightfullykristi
Villa, Cynthia @cjvilla_
Westerkamp Tami @lbtami
Wood Kiana @kianawoodnt

10 winners:
Alvarado,  Maya @honey_milk_
De. Castro, Julie @julie.decastro
Kunze, Shawn @shawn_kunze
Orrico Genevieve @orricog
Ryser , Katie @katharineryser
Burg , Kenny @kennyburgg
Krusey, Jess @jesskrusey
Mozuch , Michele @3amom88
Rodz Liliana @lilianarodz
Krystal, Hoover @krystal_hoover  

*Winners please collect your  free passes at the front entrance gate. Please bring a photo id since the pass has your name on it.

Free Parking

More Parking at the New Parking Structure Close to Back Entrance. 
-Enter on Lew Davis St. or Clark Ave.
-More Parking in adjacent lot J off Clark Ave

Check the Map here:


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Anything Rustic

 Painting, repurposing,  designing , styling, and even hoarding furniture makes them happy campers!

Anything Rustic will be at the Long Beach Antique Market - Sunday June 19.  Audrey and Hank will show you how easy it is to give any house a “dose of rustic”, by just adding simple elements. Come say hello in space A-841 in the red section and check them out on Instagram.

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Rewind - A Look at The Last Show


Rewind Slideshow

Cheap, chic, unique & vintage!!!  Bargains and more! The Sunday Special Sale May 29th event featured hundreds of sellers of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, estate and fine jewelry and vintage finds from all over the country and many parts of the world. Thank you to all our customers and sellers for making this a great showTo see when our next event is click here.





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Urban Chic Designs

Need Time? Looking for vintage? Want re-purposed or one-of-a-kind items? Urban Chic Designs, our featured seller, has it all! With their eclectic mix of antiques, restored and rustic junk you’re bound to spot something that delights and excites.

In 2011 Traci started her own company in the Napa Valley called Urban Chic Designs, creating/up cycling one of a kind finds into her own version of terrific. Re-purposing and reusing everyday objects, furnishings and funky finds she produces the unusual!

Since 2015 she has been working on a line of giant spool clocks. Rescuing spools from the chipping yard Traci assembles and paints – transforming them into unique statement clocks. Her eye for color and design create wall art that tells time. She also designs living art with succulents and flowering plants in re-purposed containers… which adds just that right touch to any space.  Meet Traci and her vintage creations, in the red section, space A-860, at the Long Beach Flea.



Selling out at the last show the clocks were quite the hit -Get there early !!! Connect with Urban Chic Designs on Instagram @urbanchicdesign . 

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