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Dealer of The Month

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Urban Vintiques

Specializing in Vintage Antique Collectible & Repurposed Furniture

Tell us about your business -

We specialize in building quality crafted furniture for our clients and locating rad rustic stuff. Our passion is developing one of a kind pieces with a focus on craftsmanship and detail. We also spend our time scouring through tons of junk to discover some really cool stuff!

 We particularly enjoy collaborating with customers at the Long Beach Flea helping to create detailed, unique, made to order décor for their environment.


If you are looking for unique vintage and repurposed furniture, come see Zach Bancroft from Urban Vintiques in the blue (rear) section on Sunday March 15th. See some of his fabulous workmanship on his website and connect with him on Instagram.

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Rewind - A Look at The Last Show


Rewind Slideshow

Cheap, chic, unique & vintage!!!  Bargains and more! The Sunday FEB 15 event featured hundreds of sellers of antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, estate and fine jewelry and vintage finds from all over the country and many parts of the world. Thank you to all our customers and sellers for making this a great showTo see when our next event is click here.





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Free Pass Winners - Sunday Feb 15

 50000 Facebook Fan Appreciation Giveaway

A huge THANKS to all our fans, customers and sellers. We are thrilled to have reached 50,000 Facebook Fans! In Celebration 50 FREE PASSES will be given away for the Sunday Feb.15 event. 
Here are the randomly selected winners


  1. Boulanger Gina
  2. Becerra Martha
  3. Brotzman Alexis
  4. Buren Katherine Van
  5. Clem Linda
  6. Collar Jan 
  7. Diaz Erik
  8. Dominguez Ernie
  9. Dursteler Michael 
  10. Felix Wendelyn
  11. Fosberg Melissa 
  12. Fyles Kalinda
  13. Gallegos Trish 
  14. Garbutt Evelyn 
  15. Greene Jasimine 
  16. Huntoon Lisa 
  17. Jang Joanne Meejung 
  18. Knieriem Sawyer 
  19. Larinto Amber Logan
  20. Lotz Kat 
  21. Lopez Edwin G 
  22. Mahlke Jill
  23. Martinez Martin 
  24. McKenna Amanda
  25. Mejia Pat 
  26. Melendez Patricia Callon
  27. Miranda Michelle
  28. Moreno Lorena 
  29. Moreno Louisa M
  30. Noriega Olivia 
  31. Nguy Jenny
  32. Ochoa Jenny
  33. Reyes Elizabeth 
  34. Ramos Susan
  35. Ron Susan
  36. Ronces Daly 
  37. Ruiz Mona Nicole
  38. Sanchez Mimi 
  39. Sheafer Heather
  40. Shults Brianna
  41. Smith Kristin Fowle
  42. Soto-Herrera Nancy 
  43. Torres Cynthia 
  44. Valdez Don 
  45. Verduzco Carolina
  46. Watkins Jeff 
  47. Weaver Jeff 
  48. Weinberger Andrea 
  49.  York Lora
  50. Zeravica Steffanie


Also a big congratulations to our Instagram Winners and Our Monthly Facebook Contest Winners! 

Monthly Facebook Contest Winners

  1. Benjamin Valdez
  2. Cindy Perry Spizman
  3. Tove N Rene Sanz
  4. Jana'e Michelle
  5. Lisa Ballentine
  6. Michele Herring
  7. Pilar Villarino
  8. Marina Fuentes-Obert
  9. Lisa Goad
  10. Katrina Saacke

Monhly Instagram Contest Winners

  1. Chelsea Bock@chelseabock
  2. Jen Owens @jenlepotager
  3. Maggie Ford @maggieford
  4. Amanda hetrick @amandahetrick
  5. Sarak Rousse @sarahbergeyrouse
  6. Kelly Speckman @knspeck
  7. Karina Petersen @mommala 
  8. DeeAnn Ferraro @dee4ro
  9. Ashley Ortiz @ashley_jennaye
  10. Audrey Delay @audrey_delay


Winners for best repurposing idea on Facebook

  1. Kelley Baumgartner 
  2. Jon Enge

 *Winners please collect your  free passes at the front entrance gate. Please bring a photo id since the pass has your name on it.


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Century Guild

Our Featured Seller of The Month

Tell us about your business 

After over a decade as purveyors of fine art, Century Guild can boast a world-class clientele of museum level collectors, celebrities, and- above all else- art lovers. At Century Guild we believe that understanding the historical context of artwork is integral to its appreciation. We enjoy educating our clients to make living with fine art as rewarding intellectually as it is aesthetically. 

While Century Guild may be known as an Art Nouveau and Symbolist art gallery, we also have a collection of rare, original grindhouse movie posters dating between the late 40s to the early 70s featured for sale at the Long Beach Flea Market.

What can our customers expect to find? 

Our collection includes genres ranging from horror, sci-fi, bad girls, hot-rod, crime, drama, and romance available in a variety of standard and uncommon poster sizes. 


Many of the posters in our collection were once hanging in drive-in and grindhouse theaters. Helping our customers peruse the collection while they enjoy the selection of great taglines and design is undoubtedly our favorite part of the Long Beach Antique Market!

In addition to our poster collection, the Century Guild booth also sells antique lithographs from the turn of the century. Many of these lithographs depict authentic French, German, and English society and advertising during the 1890s-1920. These pieces offer stunning visuals and authentic character to any space.

What is your favorite part about selling at the Long Beach Antique Market?

The Long Beach Antique market provides us with a new setting to share an appreciation of historic artwork and classic Americana. Our collection appeals to customers who are looking for pieces that are visually striking, unique and/or extremely rare.



To get one of your very own retro or bad girl posters from Century Guild’s vast collection visit them in the Red section Space #C-645 on Sunday Feb 15 at the Long Beach Antique Market. Get a sneak preview on their websitand connect with them on Instagram and Facebook
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