California Must-Do: Long Beach Antique Market

Featured blogger  Xenia Galaviz  visits the Long Beach Antique Market and shares her fun flea market experiences and shopping tips with us. 

Even if you aren't into thrifting or antiquing, the Long Beach Antique Market is a must-do.  There is something for everyone.  My 6 year old Duke is used to being dragged around to thrift stores, antique malls, flea markets and swap meets so he loves checking out all the cool "vintage" stuff.  My teenagers love going too and taking them reminds me of the times I went when I was a teenager. 

Over 800 vendors, winner of Los Angeles Times Reader's Choice 2012 Favorite Place to Shop in SoCal, Long Beach Antique Market happens every 3rd Sunday from 6:30am-4pm.  Admission is $6 but you can win passes or get a coupon. FREE Parking.  Kids under 12 FREE! 
We really should have bought that Black Velvet Bob Marley painting.  It was incredible.

Long Beach Antique Market

I was walking through the aisles and reversed.  Funny!
Long Beach Antique Market
I love vintage scraps!  Making ephemera packs make me happy!
Long Beach Antique Market
OG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other figures!
Long Beach Antique Market
This painting gave me a Dr. Seuss vibe.  Love all the frames!
Long Beach Antique Market
I wanted some!
Long Beach Antique Market
These pieces were so cheap!  Kinda sad I passed on them!
Long Beach Antique Market
I like booths like this!  Reminds me of mine at community!
Long Beach Antique Market 


Antique / Flea Market Tips:

  • Get there EARLY!
  • Do not pass something up - if you want it, get it right then and there.
  • Bring CASH!  
  • Haggle with the seller but don't lowball - don't be insulting!
  • Go through all the rows and dig through crates!
  • Keep an eye out for "specials"!  - There were different vendors that had $1-5 boxes.  I found a vintage Wonder Woman mask for $1!  
  • Wear comfy shoes and sunscreen!  Bring snacks and drinks too, you'll be there for at least 2+ hours!
  • Ask around.  Most of the time, these vendors sell at the same places and have known each other for years - if you are looking for something they might have it or know someone that does!
  • Go there with a budget.  You know how much you want to spend total and you know how much you want to spend on certain things so stick to your budget!  I have heard stories how people start saving for a few months and returning armed with a list.  Be that person.  

Read more at Xenia's blog  and connect with her on Facebook. 



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