Vacation Idea Magazine
"Best Things To Do in Long Beach" - The Long Beach Antique Market is featured in Vacation Idea Magazine as one of the "Best Things to do in Long Beach" . Spread over 20 acres around the stadium in Long Beach, a visit to this bustling market ....Read more...
Vogue UK

The Long Beach Antique Market is featured in the January issue of Vogue UK. Over 800 vendors pack 20 acres of antiques, collectibles and vintage items on the 3rd Sunday of each month. A must visit..





Martha Stewart Living

Featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine- "Savvy shoppers flock to the Long Beach Antique Market at Veterans Stadium every 3rd Sunday for vintage treasures , collectibles, home decor and huge bargains".

Flea Market Style

The Long Beach Antique Market is on the bucket list of Ki Nassaur, Editor-in chief of Flea Market Stye! Why Ki wants to visit - "Now that I live in Los Angeles this flea market is in my own backyard. Everyone keeps telling me they get the best deals there..."

LA Times Readers's Choice 2012

Over 35,000 readers participated in the second -annual Los Angeles Reader's Choice awards and the Long Beach Antique Market was voted the favorite place to shop in SoCAl. With over 800 sellers, selling everything chic, cheap, unique and vintage it's the ultimate treasure hunt held every third Sunday monthly.

LosAngeles Magazine
Best in Los Angeles

Named "The Best Swap Meet in Los Angeles". The Long Beach Antique Market held at Veterans Stadium was selected by the editors of Los Angeles Magazine and KCOP TV as the" Best Swap Meet in Los Angeles". Renown for it's wide variety of antiques and collectibles items over 800 sellers feature everything "Cheap, Chic, Unique & Vintage" ...all at discount prices.

Architectural Digest
Best Vintage Designs

"Rest assured that you won't get anything mass produced - at least not within the past two decades, given the show's 20-year limit. Proximity to the sea, offerings from popular beer vendors, and the laid-back Southern California vibe add a leisurely feel to the outdoor market's bohemian ethos."

Fun Vintage Shopping in Long Beach

Over 800 vendors, antiques, collectibles and vintage items on the 3rd Sunday of each month - It's the best place " to find chic threads, modern Danish furniture, and kitschy accessories like '50s cocktail shakers or mannequin heads at really low prices".

Voted "Best Swap Meet" 

And the results are Final!  Readers of the Long Beach Press Telegram have voted the Long Beach Antique Market, the Best Swap Meet in 2011 for its huge variety of unique antiques, collectibles and vintage items....all for sale at bargain prices. It's the ultimate treasure hunt and better known as the "Flea Market With Style".

Named "Top Ten Flea Market In America"
In the July 2000 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine The Long Beach Antique Market wss named one of the TEN BEST FLEA MARKETS IN AMERICA. This issue features the Ultimate Flea Market Guide: An insider's report on... How to spot a great price, How to bargain, Dealer secrets, What's hot ? What's Next? Previously named the Best Flea Market in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine the Long Beach Antique Market now adds the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal of approval to it's name. 
Treasures Abound at Long Beach Antique Market

This thriving antique market, a monthly fixture in Long Beach is a treasure hunter's paradise. The biggest market in Southern California devoted exclusively to antiques and used merchandise. Good House Keeping Magazine calls it "One of the top ten flea markets in America".

Vacations to Southern California

Collectors or bargain hunters traveling in Southern California on the 3rd Sunday of any month shoul plan a trip to the Long Beach Flea Market at Vets Stadium. With more than 800 sellers and over 20 acres of space it can take a full day to examine each booth in detail.  Furniture, sports memorabilia, pottery, toys and vintage clothing are featured...all at discount prices.

Our Picks: Top 5 Flea Markets in the Country

"The Most Fun: Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market
...Some of its best perks? "Real restrooms, great selection and bargain prices ". The Long Beach Antique Market takes place on the third Sunday of every month, rain or shine.

Where to Find Your New 'This Old Thing'

"Despite the 800-plus vendors, the smart grid layout makes it doable in one day...
...there are reasonable price tags and elbow room."

OC Weekly - Best Flea Market - 2009

"...the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market is the best flea market in not
only Southern California, but the whole state, too."

Flea Markets, Swap Meets Draw Crowds

"Among heaps of antiques, collectibles and vintage clothing, frugal shoppers are rediscovering
a recession-friendly place where prices are low and haggling is welcome."

"It's almost like you have more cred if you buy a dress from the flea market instead of Neiman's",0,103531.story

  • "It's a good-time-bargain hunt for vintage freaks." Katie M
  • "Skip ebay, get up early on the next third Sunday of the month, and make your way to the antique fair. And bring coffee." Steve C
  • "if you like antiquing (we really need to find a better word for it than that) you need to check this place out..." Adam M
  • 'shhh....this is the best kept secret in long beach." Khuyen P
OC Weekly - Thursday, Nov 13 2008
"Quality pieces ranging anywhere from clothing to couches are guaranteed to be unique and interesting
and besides, strolling in the sunshine of Veteran''s Stadium is so much better than strolling
under the fluorescent lights of a corporate maze."

MSN City Guides
"Better still is the Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market, held the 3rd Sunday of every month at Long Beach Veteran's Stadium.
...the place is crawling with informed, cash-packed sellers and buyers... an adventure in eye-candy.."
Article by Jim Washburn
"Visit one of America's Top 10 Flea Markets of 2010"

You won't find booth after booth of tube socks and cosmetics here. Every item for sale must be antique, collectible or vintage. Story by Leah French - Flea Markets & Yard Sales Guide
"The Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market at Veteran's Stadium in Long Beach is considered by many to be one of the top outdoor flea markets in the country."
Photo Gallery by Kayte Deioma

Citysearch Los Angeles
"...even some celebrities show up to browse 20 acres of antiques and collectibles."
Review by Amanda Knoles


" Bring lots of cash, and get there early: you'll have your work cut out for you..."
Travel Guide by Helen Jupiter

Food, Drink & Everything In Between

"This once-a-month event is a massive meet-up with just about everything you could imagine and a bunch of stuff that will either make you laugh or stop and pause and say "Hey, I remember that!"
by Matthew Armendariz

Seems Like Old Times 

Unique antique sale stirs collectors' passions at Long Beach event

Michael Baker
Press Telegram

More than 10,000 people took time on Sunday to browse through relics from the past, as just about anything that could be considered an antique went on sale at Veterans Stadium's monthly event.

About 800 dealers set up stands to sell the same items that many people's grandparents tossed out as junk.

"It's not like a swap meet," said Donald Moger, who, along with his wife, Lynn, heads Americana Enterprises Inc., the company that runs the Long Beach antique market, which takes place every third Sunday of the month. "What makes us unique and sets us apart from other markets is that our dealers only sell antiques."

Sale items ranged from traditional antique wares, such as kitchen appliances and furniture, to the more specialized articles such as early 20th century French art posters and neon-light beer signs.

With bright colors and stylized painting and typography, the French posters attracted an immense amount of attention for collectors. A posted advertising "Le Journal de Mickey" for 20 francs a couple of Josephine Baker posters drew a lot of attention.

"I deal basically with collectors and decorators tom, but a lot of people just drop by out of interest," said Garrison Dover, who owned the posters on display. "We get them in France and import several tubes of posters a month."

Another spot that shoppers spent a lot of time perusing was the antique phonograph booth run by Scott and Denise Corbett. "My grandmother never threw anything away," Corbett said about his inspiration to start collecting the old style record players. "They last a long time because they were made well to begin with".

And for the sports enthusiast, there were also many items of interest , such as a pair of boxing gloves signed by Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield moments before their second fight, the infamous battle that ended prematurely when Tyson bit Holyfield.

"There's a lot of sports people at events like this and a lot stop by to look at the gloves," said Harold Smiley, who was selling the gloves along with antique toys and children's furniture.
"They said if I had a piece of the ear, it would be priceless."

Shoppers either came to browse or look for specific collectibles. "I collect glassware and turn-of-the-century oak," said Sonia Nash as her husband, Bill, held an oak stool. "This is a great market for the glass"

Many of those who just came to browse got more than they bargained for.

"Obviously we're very new at this," said Wendy Mitchell, who was trying to stuff a large roll top antique desk in back of a small red Geo Metro. "We weren't exactly prepared to buy the desk."


By Jeff Spurrier, Special to The LA Times - November 2, 2006

5:21 a.m.
It's barely dawn, but the cars, pickups, vans, trailers and U-Haul trucks are lined up around all four sides of Veterans Stadium's parking lot... At the shoppers entrance, early birds wait patiently too, empty bags slung over shoulders and flashlights in hand.

7:20 a.m.
Bob and Rhonda Heintz pull their van into their space marked "56 Blue." Their biggest piece is a Hap Jacobs 9-foot-6 surfboard. They set up the tables and begin unpacking boxes, laying out old matchbooks, books, flower pots, Hawaiian shirts and a Raggedy Ann waste basket, among other things.

10:30 a.m.
Dee Bruno, a Lake Forest collector of primitive art, leaves the market. Her find of the day: a figurine of St. Michael the archangel, hand-carved and hand-painted in Xilitla, Mexico. Price: $45.

Story extract. Complete report was published at,0,2904458.story?coll=la-home-home

Aisles of bargains
The Outdoor Antique Market has aged - yet reliable - items waiting for new homes

Jenny Douglas
Freelance for Long Beach Press Telegram

The gigantic Long Beach Outdoor Antique Market never seems to stop growing. There are now over 800 vendors, and Los Angeles Magazine has proclaimed it the Southland's best flea market. Things last longer than people, and heirlooms are in good supply here. It's easy to tell yourself that there's no hurry After all, it's only the dealers and impressionable young who feel that they need to be there at the crack of dawn. Nevertheless, it's impossible not to put on an extra bit of speed. What if somebody else spies that priceless treasure before you do?

There are items on display that you never even knew you needed. The croquet set definitely looks the worse for wear, yet it is complete, perfectly capable of supplying another decade or two of family fun, and I watched an excited man as he skillfully bargained for a classic garden statue of a lovely, 4-foot-tall maiden. Bargaining is not only expected, but encouraged, and the first price is seldom the last one. Nobody really knows what these future heirlooms are worth. Time will provide the answer to that. Right now they are worth exactly what somebody is willing to pay for them.

I quickly discovered that I was willing to pay more than I thought I would for an Uncle Wiggly mug, identical to the one from which I drank my Ovaltine when I was a child. Who knows? I might even start drinking Ovaltine again.

The aisles are wide. It's a good thing because there are many baby strollers, and about half of the shoppers are towing shopping carts behind them. It's wise to keep an eye on traffic, and it's fun to check booty in other people's carts. One Woman had a lovely green metal birdcage with a pretty domed top. She didn't mind telling me that she paid $40 for it, and I congratulated her on her find. A new cage, devoid of a colorful past, would cost more than that, and this one is unique.

Buying second hand goods is always an excellent idea. They're cheaper, of course, but most of them appreciate rather than depreciate, as new items do. We needed a baby crib in 1970, and after checking prices, chose an old 1930s iron crib, $50, that needed a coat of paint. Several babies have used it since (its a real conversation piece), and today it's probably worth three or four times what we paid for it.

If you have kids, you'll find lots to tempt you. A copy of "Spotty the Pony Who Found A Friend" is waiting for sante discerning toddler, and I fell in love with an adorable, little, bright red wicker rocker, $35. There are imaginative old-fashioned dolls and toys, as well as a handsome mahogany cradle, $195. The cradle that my father made for my son in 1970 was beautifiul, but it never did rock worth a darn. I checked this mahogany one carefully. It rocks like a champs and is very solid and sturdy.

I admired an Art Deco desk set that was simply gorgeous. The stand cost $160 with the pens priced separately at $26 and $16. What an elegant gift this would make with its classic beauty and quiet charm! There's so much to see at this huge market that I almost missed the intriguing hats. The vendor told me that all of them belonged to one woman, and she surely had impeccable taste. The tiny black velveteen model with its wisp of veil cost only $15, probably less than its price then new, but the red cloche, $40, was even more stunning.

All of these eclectic treasures are discards, yet they'll be recycled to start a new life with another proud owner. We are fortunate that the Long Beach Outdoor Antique Market is right in our own back yard!